Friday, February 15, 2008

#1 Daughter tested for celiac....

So, I was super excited that I have been able to tolerate a little gluten, but then my daughter started getting stomach aches....I took her to the doctor and he tested her for Celiac. We haven't gotten the results back yet, but I am not going to be surprised if she has it too. I guess Heavenly Father is trying to tell us something......"No Gluten for you my dears".

I am getting super excited about Women's conference!!! I hope you are too. If you haven't registered, then do it. You will not regret it. I am going to be driving my car so if you need a pick me up and you are on the route...let me know and I will pick you up.

My Daughter is going to turn 8 in April and will be getting baptized in June. I am so happy for her and she is so excited too. I am going to get her a dress in Utah. They have tons of cute dress stores there. Happy days are here!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gluten in my house..

I have been taking a vitamin called Empower plus from True hope company in Canada and surprisingly it is helping with more than Depression. I ate a piece of Birthday Cake...Real Birthday Cake and I had NO Side effects. Even two months ago I would have had side effects from a crumb landing on my plate....Now I can eat a bit of gluten now and then. Crazy Huh? I guess after five years of no gluten what so ever a piece of cake is no big deal....WHATEVER!!! I am so happy I could scream. I am still going to stay on a gluten free diet because I like it and it is healthier than gorging myself on cakes and pies, but I will not have to be afraid to eat out with my friends and family. WOW. It has been so long. I am so happy.