Tuesday, December 25, 2012

a very Merry Christmas..

     I hope this post finds you all in good spirits and happy places. We have had a very nice Christmas and lots of time to see family and make some good memories. Sean and I had a great time trying to decide what to get every child in our family. Some kids were easy to shop for while others were next to impossible to find something to make them smile. I think we did alright though, everyone seems happy this morning. Lots of giggling and game playing, sock wearing, and henna markings. A house with teenagers in it is a lot of fun.
     Last night we spent the evening with my parents and siblings and their families. There were some really fun games, good food and lots of laughing.. lots of it. Sean and I brought our new theater popcorn popper over and made lots of popcorn. Amy's daughter, Hailey, liked it the most and was so funny with making sure everyone got some.  She is a cutie pie.
     Today is pajama day I guess. I'm not really sure, but everyone is staying in their pajamas and snacking and laying around. It's nice, no pressure to do anything. I called my kids to wish them a merry Christmas and they seem very happy with the presents they got from their dad. I'm glad that I get to see them tomorrow. I miss them and their hugs and smiles..

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wedding in September, house in January..

It is with great happiness and joy that I write this blog.. I was blessed to meet and marry a wonderful man named, Sean.. Yes Sean. Fortunately for me, it has been a wonderful experience and continues to be fun and crazy and awesome!!! I hope the same goes for him.. lol..

 Our seven amazing children get along like forever friends and life is really great for all of us. In January we move in all together..(we have been living in two different houses until a larger and affordable one opened up) and I am thrilled to start packing for our move just before the first of the year, a very nice day.

We have an early Christmas gift this year... his name is Ollie.. and he is adorable.. most of the time. ;) He is a ten week old black lab mix and is as sweet as he is cute.

Well, have a happy!!!