Saturday, November 1, 2008


I really love Holidays and when Halloween comes I am overjoyed and overstressed. I realize at this point how unprepared I am for the rest of the holidays coming soon. Christmas is now right around the corner and Thanksgiving is in a few weeks!! To my great delight I get to have every holiday at my house. That makes it easy to be on time. The only downside is that I have to clean and cook at the same time. I enjoy so much having family over so that makes up for the double time in the kitchen. I am so happy the holidays have begun!!

We had a good party last night. Lots of people came and the house was crowded. Sorry that the Wii was on...I had no idea!! Too much going on.... ;)

Thanks Dr Phill for coming and supporting this function. LOL SO funny!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two friends from far away...

Last night we had Pierre's new friend Juan, spend the night. He is from Columbia. They are so different and so funny. They are also still asleep and it is 9:30...I bet they will sleep until 11 or so because they were up so late/early last night playing the Wii and PS2. Juan is going to find me some really good music for the Zumba class!! I am happy about that. He was playing some for me last night and you are going to love it!! I will mix it into my playlist soon.

Juan wants cool host parents, like Pierre. I think his are nice....but I have only met them one time. I guess they have two daughters and are very strict with him. I would be too, but mine go everywhere with me so Pierre is kind of on his own most of the time. Poor Pierre...LOL!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party!!

Doing anything for Halloween?? Do you live close by?? We are having a kid friendly Halloween party at our house on Friday!! It will start at 8 o'clock pm, so you can trick -or -treat and then bring all the little monsters over to our spook alley!! We will bob for apples and eat doughnuts off a string!! Lots of fun to be had watching the charlie brown special...and when you get sleepy you can leave.... and then it will be over.

Make sure to bring your favorite snack!!

Email me for details or directions

See you then!!!!