Thursday, January 3, 2008 make powerful

I am delighted to let you know that I called the empower plus people. I told them my symptoms and they were very understanding and patient. I told them about my celiac diease and how at times I have trouble with absorption. They would like me to call if I am having one of those days. They advised me to take 15 pills a day(five at each meal) while I am adjusting to not taking other meds. then I can back it off some. There are some drugs you have to wean yourself off of. I am trying to cut off my one medication cold's making me really tired. I am a little achy in the brain at times, but I hope that is a side effect of not taking Lexapro anymore...after a year and a half. Wow! That's a long time. I have a hopeful heart that this will work and my depression will not send me to bed every chance it gets. I am still super excited to see the change it will have on me. Let me know if you notice anything wierd.... LOL that would be just me now wouldn't it?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Time to return to me...

Okay, so if you read those last few blogs you should know that it is a cycle with me and now I am at the end. HOORAY!! I can return to my normal self and continue on the happy road to cooking and baking and being a good mom. I am glad I wrote it down because I can see how I was feeling in my blogs. Now I can write on the happy side of me. I sound so schizophrenic!! Depression is one of the many side effects of having Celiac disease.
Well I have just started a supplement called empower plus. It is a bunch of Vitamins and minerals that work really well for me so far. Mind you it has only been one day and I am only taking two in the morning instead of the recommended eight (four in the morning and four at night) , but I am feeling normal...a little tired from staying up last night.... but pretty normal. I woke up with a cold and it has pretty much gone away too. Yeah yeah yeah!!
The kids go to school on Thursday. I am counting the days. Not that I don't love my children, but they do so much better when they have school to point them in a strong educational direction. #1 boy is doing good at home, but #1 girl is kind of climbing the walls. #2 boy is having a good time bossing us all around in a language no-one, but he understands. It is cute until he really wants to drive his point home and gets up in your face about it. I love them all for such different reasons. Well, happiest of New Years to you. I hope this year will be the year you will be happy and surrounded by love and friends.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Not sure how to climb out of bed...

This Christmas break has been so long and I have had time, with no set school schedule, to read. I love reading... in my bed with my down comforter on and my softest socks on. It brings me great joy. So far I have read a really great book that makes me look so sane "these painted wings" a must read for all who think that they are near the brink of insanity...and now I am reading "the Da Vinci code".... I am not sure I will get to the end as quickly as I had hoped. I am not wanting to get out of bed at all though, so I thought I would get up and feed the kids and blog a little to break it up. I was really changed by the first book I read. It is a true story of one woman's life as she is dealing with a family who has seen the worst of Bi-polar disorder. Her Grandfather and her Mother both end up killing themselves and she is headed on the same path and a miracle happens... you have to read it. wow....I was amazed.
I had a great GNO with my sister-in-law the other night. We really needed to get out so we went to eat at Red Robin and then shopping at the after Christmas sales around here. It was super fun! We will have to do it again. Maybe make it a tradition! Yeah!
My sister is coming over today. I called and told her she needed to save me from myself or I wouldn't be able to function today. Luckily she was already coming to town and was planning on coming over anyways!! I love my family. They are so good to me.

Well, have a happy day and I am going to crawl back under my comforter until my sister gets here. I will post a recipe soon. I just have to clean the fridge of the after holidays junk. There is a good thing to do.