Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great days!!

I have been having two really great days....which is weird considering that Ash moved away on the first really good day. (this is Ash below, I miss you!!!) I have felt so happy and at peace with my life. I taught a great dance power class last night and even started to sweat in my second class when I caught a second wind and stepped it up a bit. Why would this be out of the norm you may ask??

Well, for the past month a lot has happened and most of it quite upsetting. I really was heartbroken to learn of friends ending marriages, friends moving and change occurring-hurtful things happening and hate and fear ruling over people who are dear to me. I became a bit too in it... So, I am jumping out of it and shaking it off, with quite a bit of daily meditation, and reacquainting myself with a dear friend that I had lost contact with. I feel so good!!! Do something good for yourself, you deserve it!! I am going to eat some potato salad and steak with my sister, Julie(who unknowingly just took all her good maternity clothes,with her bad maternity clothes, to DI and is just sick about it...because #1 they weren't all hers and #2 she is pregnant right now.... Yikes!).I just wanted to spread the love, peace happiness and joy.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby boy is three!!

Happy birthday to You!!!! Our little man is finally three and as mischievous as ever. He had a party at the park with a great big cake-which he didn't really eat-and lots of cousins. We had a good time and he was as cute as ever blowing out the candle as soon as we lit it. Here are some pictures just for fun!!