Thursday, February 7, 2008

Local Legends

My sister and I took pictures for Local Legends the other day. We are going to do The Sisters Song from white Christmas. It's going to be awesome. Come see the show. It's in March!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cars, houses, and the story of the accident

To answer some of the questions that were posed to me on the comment section of my last blog (So nice to hear from you both) I am entering another one. Yes this is my new house. I love it and we have been living in this great house for just under 1 year. It is called a Sundance and has the room we needed/wanted so desperately. It is twice the size of our old house and has 5 bedrooms and three baths. We also have a living room and family room on different floors and that makes living GREAT!!(Stella is showing off our house in these pictures-she was our exchange student from the summer)
We did buy a car this year, in the summer. It is a Kia Rondo. It's a great little car and seats seven. It drives beautifully and handles well in the sun or snow. We have never had a brand new car so the man wanted the experience. I am sure he will never forget that feeling. Now that he has officially totaled the other car, we are on a bit of a car hunt again. We have our eyes set on a honda accord wagon that has less than 100k miles on it. It is around 4k dollars and we are going to test drive it today or tomorrow. I love hondas, but we will have to see how this one feels before we buy it. Send us any car info that you may have. We love to have lots of options!! E mail me at with any car facts. There is a few things we have in mind. It has to get good gas mileage and drive well. It can be small, but it needs to have lower mileage than 100k. The man will be using this car as a commuter car and It needs to be able to drive well and last us a while.
We of course would love to fix our sweet white Millie, but she only blue books at around $1,500 so the chances are not good. There is about $4,ooo worth of repair work to make her whole again. So sad for the kids....they have known Millie since birth. She really could have kept driving too. In fact, she still drives well, she just looks horrible. Even the blinkers still work ...they are just hanging off her body.

The Man tells the story like this....He was driving along the freeway at a slower than usual pace and a guy in front of him started to fish tail because it was very icy, and it was about 5am. So he got into the other lane to be safe, but the other driver hit the center guard rail and bounced of of it to hit White Millie. At this point not a whole lot of damage was done to our car so both men got out of their cars to assess the damage, but then they saw the headlights of another car headed right for them. Both of them ran to get out of the way and a second car hit White Millie from behind. This time she was hurt and that's when I got the phone call that no wife ever wants to get...I am grateful to still have my sweet husband. I can let go of the car....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Church was cancelled today!

Today was so snowy that they canceled church! This has only happened one other time in my life, and that is when I lived in Utah. Most of the time they tell people to brave it, but it was bad this morning and I am thankful that I was able to spend a relaxing day with my family. I only just now went outside to see all the snow. It is warming up quite a bit and isn't nearly as scary as it was this morning. Here is a picture of our car and one of our across the street neighbors, but really our car had about 6 inches on top of it this it is all melting away.

The kids are having a good time. We played Family home Evening-church. Everyone gave a talk on being thankful-even baby boy. Then we read some stories out of the friend and sang songs from the primary book. It was such a nice time. Now they are playing in their rooms and it is fun to hear them having a happy time together.

I am hearing a little contention as I am writing so I'd better be off to save the day.