Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OKay.. As promised.. here is the new blog site..


Okay.. I think it is time for a new blog...

So, I was reading through this blog today... whoa.. it's intense. I wouldn't want to read it and I wrote it.. It's full of false hopes and empty happiness that never came.. I am sorry, but I am going to start a new blog... I will keep you posted on how to access it...

Good day.. I said good day!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial day...

Well, for memorial day I had my beautiful kids. We went to a few parks and had a picnic..
and to my grandmother's grave site to leave flowers for her. We saw the Jets fly over and the boys loved it!! I loved it too. Always have loved airplanes...
Then we met some friends and hit the pool! All in all.. a great day and the skies were so so so blue!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

NO Swine flu and a great weekend!!

SO, I got a call yesterday to tell me that I don't have swine flu.. YAY!! So, I spent all weekend in McCall sitting by the lake and soaking up the sun. It was so great. I could have been in San Diego, but I am glad that I was in McCall.. It was so relaxing.... I will still have to go to San Diego, but I think I just needed to be mellow this weekend.. so nice....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ok, swine flu? Or just Influenza A??

So, I have influenza A. I had to be tested for swine flu and had to cancel a trip to San Diego. I have to be in my house for at least a week.. or up to 3 weeks. It is so so so boring. I am not a home body.. Anything but...
I can't go to work.. or work out ... or see my sweet kids...life is still good though...I am keeping my chin up... so I can see that the sky is still blue somewhere up there.. The sky is always blue..

Love this awesome mask they gave me in the hospital.. It really brings out my bloodshot eyes..

Monday, May 4, 2009

anna's getting older...

So my friend, Anna, had a birthday!! She is 29 now.. sure wish I was... We had a fun night full of Mini Golf, Video games, x-men and Ice cream....So much fun. Thanks to the gang for helping me not feel like I was a third wheel. It's always nice to have a good group of friends to help the time pass with joy and laughter..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Life is sunny...

Things are starting to get routine finally and it is a good feeling. My kids are happy, I am happy, even the flowers are blooming now. They must be happy too. Just hoping you are happy too!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more information about the jobs..

Ok, here are more details.. It is on wednesday April, 22nd, so next Wednesday. At Mountain Home Jr High at 5 pm. They are hiring construction people, staff people, accounting, chemists, and a college degree is not nessary for most of the jobs. You will be trained in your job. From what I hear... the pay starts at around 60,000 a year. just so you know!! (sorry for the confusion)

Friday, April 10, 2009

There are jobs in Mountain Home..

So, i heard twice on the radio that there are nuclear power plant jobs opening. This is exciting to me because it will help families who are struggling. If you want to apply they are accepting apps on Wednesday in Mountain home at the high school. I think this is a great help in boosting the economy nearby. If you want more info go to http://www.alternateenergyholdings.com/ and you can see if this is something that may benefit you and yours.. I will be there on Wednesday and I may bring some friends too..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here is what has been happening...

Well, last night my sister and I went to sing for local legends in Caldwell. It was so fun. I have never worn a hat that small before... We have so much fun singing together!! She is a blast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZiCMJRa_rg This is the video link if you want to watch it...

Here in my awesome trailer things have been hoppin. I have painted the kitchen green...and white with black accents. It turned out really nice.... now I just have the rest of the trailer to fix up. ;)

I am working for the YMCA still, but I only have my Saturday class still going in Caldwell...8am people!!

At the downtown Y I am starting a new schedule. I work T/Th at 4:30pm and Friday at 10am. it starts this Tuesday so come and bring your friends so it looks super popular!! Hee hee. It had about 60 people in it last time and that was so fun!!! Come and dance with me!! Here are some of the people that went to the recent workshop for Zumba.. Good job you all!! Well, Life is as busy as ever!! I am so happy to have this outlet to share it with ya!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life as I know it...

This week has been full of painting and making things look cute here in the manufactured home (sounds better than Mobile home). The kids got to spend spring break with their dad so I had plenty of time. He took them to Island Park to a time share his parents own. I think they had a good time. They stayed with me for a night when they got back and we looked at pictures of all the adventures. I am sure that thier dad has them on his facebook page if you want you want to look at them. I have been painting things green and white and brown. #1 Girl helped paint in the front room while she was here. She is so cute. She is a very good helper and always tries to do the right thing....except to her brothers... we are working on that one and will be for a while I am sure. #1 boy has been working at doing better in school. It is a constant struggle for him to respect peoples personal space... The baby boy is not such a baby anymore. He has his own mind and works hard to let you know what he wants. The language skills are coming, but it will take some time. Potty training is going well for him and he likes to stand up and pee.... so funny and a little messy.. I will deal with the mess and I am proud of him for finally trying to be a bigger boy. Life still goes on for me. There are struggles and some days are really a challenge, but life is good for the most part and I am really loving the ward out here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still good.

Thank you for all the love and support from everyone. I really love you all and think you are all great friends. Thank you a million times a million. I am doing well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OK Big Changes....

Recently I got divorced. Yes, a shocker to some of you I am sure, but it really is the best decision for me. I have moved to Eagle into a beautiful trailer and love it!!! It is so quiet and calm until my kids come to stay and then it is the hoppin-est place ever!! You can call if you would like to. 409-2087. I would love to stay in contact with you and am still the same person. Please know I am still your friend and not a scary person you can't talk to. I really am good and happy. I love my new life. I love my children and love time with them. I miss having a lot of friends so call me.... Love, Kim

PS Please don't feel like you need to choose between Shawn and I. We are still friends and don't want to bad talk each other.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey it is date night.

Well, on Friday nights at our house it has always been date night. Lately we have been trying to be extra creative in our dates instead of going to dinner and a movie all the time. Last week we played frisbee and went out for GF Pizza at Chicago Connection. YUM. Tonight is my turn to plan the date. I am going to do things that I enjoy and want to share. I hope he likes underwater basket weaving and boxing!!! J/K!! More info to come...Can't spoil the surprise....

Also, My friends. Don't forget how much fun we will have at women's Conference. This picture is so funny and happy I love it. This is Ash and Julie and Anna playing in the dorms before we went to sleep. So Funny!!!!! Go sign up!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good Day on a hike at the old pen in Boise.

So, today was my day off from being mommie. What do you do on a day without having to be mommie?? Well, you shop a little bit and then you go on a hike up a large mountain at the old Penitentiary with a good friend. It has been such a fun day. I am going to have dinner and then watch a girlie movie with Anna!!! So much fun.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ok all registered!!!

There are 167 spots left in campus housing, so if you want to go you had better hurry!! There are no men's housing left, so if your hubby is going he will have to get a hotel room. Let me know if you are coming and want to stay with me in campus housing. The more the merrier, come one come all. so much fun to be had!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's that time again!!!!

So, all you ladies... It's time again to register for BYU Women's conference. I will register this week and will use the code 2084551021 for my link number. I will post when I have done this so we can all be together in the dorms. I am looking forward to it so much this year. I am very excited to go!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a married spud...

On toy storyII the little potato head guy says this phrase over and over to divert his attention away from Barbie..Smart potato... He was wishing so much for mrs potato head and now he has her. Hang in there mr potato head.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Phone...

Well today was full of surprises! I got a new phone and will get a new nephew too!! The phone is nice and has a lot of cool features like pictures and text and...you can call people. WOW!! It is verizon so, if you have verizon, we can talk for free. Yea!!! New phone....

Julie, who was about to pop, is at St Lukes having a baby boy!!! Yep #5... Holy cow. That is a lot of boy. Good luck to her and her family. So much fun is awaiting I am sure.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

That was so much fun!!!

k... so i had really high expectations for last night and they were all exceeded!! We had so much fun salsa dancing it was amazing!! I saw some people from my Zumba class there, and I saw a lot of really good dancers. I was so blown away by my husband though... he got me right out onto the dance floor and shook it like a pro. We danced for about two hours and then, because I was tired, we went home.
This may seem to some of you like no big deal, but let me assure you this was a huge deal... In the eleven years that we have been married he has danced with me only about 5 times. That is only five songs.... i am not exaggerating!! (k maybe slightly) He was so fun and brave and I was very proud of him and glad to be with him. Yeah Hubby!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tonight is Salsa Night.

Tonight I am going Salsa Dancing with my hubby. Now the last time we went, he left me there to dance by myself...LAME!! Then the next time I asked he said no... So, I have very high expectations for tonight. He has to dance with me no matter what!!! I am not going to put up with any of the previous outcomes.... I am bringing my camera and he is bringing mountain dew!! Ha ha!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun with the wee one...

Little man and I had a funny photo shoot today.. Thought I would share..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow day!! Sort of..

So today I had to go into Boise and it was a snow day for my oldest and not my middle child. Weird I know, But they go to different schools.... So any way!! I love driving in the snow!! It is so slippery and fun I just am like a little kid on a sled. I can even text and drive.. Yeah dangerous!!!! I am just telling you this. There is no reason behind it at all.... Enjoy!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Nails for a new Year!!!

This was a treat for the new year.... I had some pretty nails and I went with Julie and Anna to get their nails done too.. The husband stayed and watched all the kids!!! It was awesome! We had so much fun and now we all have pretty hands!! Hooray!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ok, so I have a happy new years eve post!!!

To start the new year out, my husband brought me breakfast in bed and let me sleep in until 11am. What the heck!?!? I was so floored and happy. Thanks!!

I was so tired because last night we played Wii for New Years eve way out at my moms and then had to make the 30 minute drive back home with out falling asleep... augh...that was difficult. I nodded off a few times and so did the husband, even though he was driving!!! SCARY!!

We all made it home safe and sound, and when I got home several very sweet people had texted me a happy new year message on my phone... Thank you and Happy New year right back at ya!! Then I crashed HARD!!! I got up once at 8 and then back to sleep untill 11...nice. Well enough talk... lets Wii...

This is my dad hula hooping... oh so funny!! And here is The puckett man with the hula hoop. My oldest having her way with the hula...and doing a great job!!! And last ,but not least and certainly the cutest...mom The champion hula hooper!!

The fun did not end there however.... we still had to try ski jumping, step aerobics, slolomn and golf... so funny!! There is nothing funnier than watching a pregnant lady ski jump!! Julie cracks me up time and again!! My brother brought his sweet wife and we all had a great time! Oh So tired..................