Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hand stand party...

This week there have been a lot of fires in the valley. The inversion is overwhelming at times, but if you look straight up, you can still see the blue in the skies. I love Idaho. There is always a place you can drive to where those skies are amazing and blue.
     Tonight three of our kids came home. I am so glad! We played settlers of Catan (Sean won.. again) and then we had prayers. After prayers we had a headstand contest... It was amazing. and hilarious. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was on my head. So no pictures today, but imagine in your mind...

Three skinny kids and two adults thrusting their, no flinging their bodies into the air so they could be upside down for a moment, then crash landing in most cases back to gravity and its brutal pull.

We also had eaten no bake cookies and I think the sugar rush had a lot to do with our excessive energy. Gluten free of course, cause I made them. :)

Stake conference was this weekend. I was strongly reminded of what a christian is supposed to be like. I feel that most of the time I try to be Christ-like and I try to be patient and loving to those around me. I have my shortcomings and my pride and imperfections. I was in a bit of a state when I came home. I think it all hit me how important this gospel of Jesus Christ is to me. I want to be better. I hope that I can increase the good in my life and the lives of those around me. The gospel is true. God lives and loves us... and I know that... and no, I am not crazy.

 Much love to you tonight. May your skies be blue, Keep looking up.