Friday, October 3, 2008

Corn Maize!

Today I took my children to the corn Maize in Meridian. It was so fun, we all had a good time. I lost two of them for a while, but I was never really panicked because there are only a few ways out of the Maize. Pierre and I split up and looked for them only to discover that they were already done and playing in a small tractor pull thing. Here are all the kids on a hayride.. It was really hot and we were very tired after all that looking for kids and finding nothing and looking again and them seeing us and just giggling at us looking for them...

This picture is great. At first they were in the right ones...Girl on the girl side and boy on the boy side, but then they switched and I snapped the picture...nice Little guy wanted a small pumpkin. So, we carried it around for a while. He later threw it off of a bridge in the corn maize....what?? We then went to buy costumes for Halloween at Walmart- which they are now all sleeping in.. So funny. I remember I used to do that. My mom used to buy pajamas that were a princess theme and I could wear them for longer.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pierre is such a good dancer..LOL

This video is of pierre practicing to go to homecoming. It captures his spirt completely. He is so funny!!

He found these glasses on the kitchen counter and thought they were so funny. The kids wear them around to play SPY, he just wore them to be funny...and boy was he.

Also in the news, I went to pick potatoes, Pumpkins, squash and butternut squash at my mom's. She is so fun, and Little man had a great time playing in the sandbox with his cousin.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Karate Kids...

My kids take Karate and it is so fun. They are learning discipline and how to listen to thier teachers... Want to see??

It is so funny to me that the kids like this class so much. I tried to put my daughter in Dance and it was a miserable failure...but she loves Karate so much and is getting a little more self confidence too. That is a big plus for her and me.

On Monday I went to the park with some buddies of mine (and buddies of the kids) and it was so much fun!! I told them I would blog this, and so I had better do that.... So much fun Hanging out with ya!! Thanx, I needed to get out with friends..;)

Monday, September 29, 2008


Yes, A long time ago I went to homecoming..... I wore a green dress that was too big because I had only finished sewing it the night before, and went with a guy I liked as a friend, and I got a pretty flower, and we ran home to change and went to do something fun instead... Why am I telling you this??

Well, Pierre went to homecomming on Saturday with another exchange student from France (she asked him) and we shopped for the perfect outfit. We bought the perfect flowers. We even took the perfect pictures... and then they skipped the dance...completely... and went to boondocks instead!

LOL I laughed so hard. I should have thought of that when I was younger...