Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sorry that I left you hangin'.. for like a month or two

     So.. After my MRI in January things took a surprisingly good turn. I was shockingly...NORMAL, like more normal than I ever expected and more normal than I have been before. I was told that I don't have an extra vein in my brain as I was told in 2001. So I had my chiropractor start adjustments and I felt better within a week. It was amazing! I feel better than I have felt in years. I went from being in bed for weeks on end to teaching aerobics again, sometimes 8 times in a week. I LOVE how great I am feeling.. sad thing is that I don't have a single class anymore, I just sub for other instructors now, but I take a completely different approach to teaching. I am so grateful that I can.
     On a completely different note, my husband and I are planning a trip to "Hell Roaring Lake". I haven't been there since I was 20 something and that is my only experience there, but I remember it being absolutely beautiful, so I would like to go again. If we think the kids won't complain too much about being in nature (ugh, drives me crazy how teenagers hate to leave the house) then we will take them there as well. I am so excited!! I love that my husband is excited to go as well. It is a bit of a drive, 3.5 hours away, but so worth it!!
     Life has hit us in the face already this year HARD, but slowly we are solving problems... one moment at a time. Teenage girls have another world that they live in... it's not pretty. All I want are modest, respectful ladies with good manners that are happy. Is that to much to ask? unfortunately sometimes, yes... but we are really trying!! Daily we try to create happy, healthy young people..
someday we will see the change. patience is such a good quality, some days I have more than other days.
     Anyways... I ramble. Life is crazy!!! ... and I wouldn't change a thing...

Looking up.