Friday, September 19, 2008

So fun to have video on the computer

Here is a video that our other computer would not let us download... or watch. Stone age....I know!

I am breathing and happy to have the computer breathing right along with me. I am not worried about a malfunction or error...yet, and I hope I won't be for a very long time. So refreshing to have current technology...

The video is nothing special. Just special that you can see it!!! ;)

I can also do fun things that should have been possible on the old computer, but for some reason were not. Like save time, post more, save more time (did I mention I can save time??) and reboot the computer without any glitches. I am really not very computer savvy, but I do enjoy things working properly on a regular basis.

Now off the the primary program rehearsal!!

New computer

We just got a new computer and it is really nice. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures on it yet... So here is the picture you get to see....Pretty..... I love this new computer, but I am still getting to know it better. It has a lot more functionality than our last one. The last one had to be shut down manually every time, and that caused some problems when wanting to start up again. Eventually it just got too full between Shawn's music and my Photos, so we had to upgrade. However we will still use our old computer for fun things like games for the kids, and a back up place - for if someone is using the me!!
I am going to the women's celebration fair today with Julie!!! I am so excited!! Yea for me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The women's race...

So, this weekend is the Women's celebration race. I am finally going to run it alone... I have always had a child in tow and it is not very conducive to run with a child... or pushing a stroller. I will run it and I am so excited. If any one else wants to run it let me know and I will run with you...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Piano, projects, party, and a gift from France...

Well, hi everybody!! Here is my weekend in a nut shell....

My two oldest have been taking piano for a while now and #1 son looks so cute playing. I thought I'd give you a glimpse...This picture is him and his buddy playing "chefs". It is so cute to watch them play. They will take my order and write it down and then say,"mom will you make this?" I crack up every time. This is the desk from my post "so much potential" look at the difference a little blue stain and black paint makes... My nephew had a party for his sixteenth birthday!! He was too cool to smile at the camera, but here he is with his new I pod nano. Cute Boy!! Julie and I decided to play model and here is the picture she took of me... here is the picture I took of her... Pretty funny girls on both counts I say... This spider was found on the play tire in the back yard. Everyone was screaming and looking at it and screaming. Little man went up to it and screamed and then squished it with his bare hand and then screamed again. It was so funny!!! Here is my gift from Pierre (It is for the whole family really) It is a beautiful book in french about france. He told me all about the pictures... because I made him, and it is a very interesting and beautiful book.. Thank you Pierre !!