Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Beautiful Children

I was taking pictures the other day and decided that I have the most beautiful children so I'll share them with you......

Oh did I mention I also have an awesome looking hubby???? Look at those eyes.... Ahhhh....What a hunk!!! You can see where my kids get their good looks..

How did I ever get so Lucky???

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Super fun Womens Conference

Hallo! I have been to womens conference and came back so happy!! I love going, and my friends are super hilarious!! I love them!! So there are funny things about most of these pictures, The first one has me in it because I didn't see the mirror until it was too late and I had no place to go because the bathrooms are so small, but the dorms were so fun to be in because it is right there on campus and we could walk and walk everywhere. The second picture is five of the seven of us that stayed together. Anna was sleepin' and I was taking the picture. The next is ever popular Michael Mclean. He gave us a mini concert and was so funny!! The next is my sisters and I waiting for the concert that was FUN!!! We called Janet and she came to sit by us in the big fun concert, but we didn't go to a lot of the same classes so we didn't see each other a lot. Love You Janet!!! The next is Kenneth Cope singing us a good song called God loves broken things. It is a good song!! Then... Sexy Julie!! In the Van, thanks again to Charlotte for the fun filled ride there and back, what a trooper!!! Then we have Anna, Julie and Ashleigh on my bed laughing at something funny because we were delirious!! Then... Sexy Ashleigh!! Then, Michelle and Julie.. Scared or something. So funny!! Now this last picture is Charlotte's bed on the floor. She didn't want to be alone and so she camped in our dorm instead of going to her own. I don't blame her!! All in all, a very good and happy time. We got to see the Prophet. President Monson is so sweet!!

Next year I expect us all to go so write in on your calenders.... Last Thursday and Friday in April next year. Party!!