Thursday, May 29, 2008

I got music tagged....

Thanks to my friend Denise, I get to confess all the crazy music I listen to while I work out...It is VERY diverse and keeps me dancing or stepping...

First off, I love Dynamix music ( because you can buy a mix and they are all the same BPM which keeps it consistent the whole time Just in case you want that.

One by one....

Janet Jackson- Feedback
Elton John - Benny and the Jets, Crocodile rock
Anything by lily Allen (she has a big potty mouth so be careful!!)
Fiest-1234, my moon my man
Mary J Blige - Roses, work that
Rianna- Anything at all, she is amazing!!
Mylie Cyrus-I can't wait to see you again
Led Zeplin- Dyer Maker

There are lots more, but here are a few I use in my classes at work. Love you 'niece!!

Kindergarten Grad!!

So, last night we filled our camera with lots of video and it got completely full. I took a few pictures, but not enough of KG Graduation. So here is #1 son Graduating from KG!! He made it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lilly the dog...

Here is Wendy's sweet dog, Lilly. She is our house guest for a while I guess. She wondered over here last night because she was outside and there was a storm and I couldn't find Wendy. I tried to put her in the back yard, but she knows a way out through the neighbors yard.

She is so fun!! She is a good girl and loves the kids and sleeping and sniffing. I would love a dog like her... So sweet and happy.