Sunday, January 11, 2009

That was so much fun!!!

k... so i had really high expectations for last night and they were all exceeded!! We had so much fun salsa dancing it was amazing!! I saw some people from my Zumba class there, and I saw a lot of really good dancers. I was so blown away by my husband though... he got me right out onto the dance floor and shook it like a pro. We danced for about two hours and then, because I was tired, we went home.
This may seem to some of you like no big deal, but let me assure you this was a huge deal... In the eleven years that we have been married he has danced with me only about 5 times. That is only five songs.... i am not exaggerating!! (k maybe slightly) He was so fun and brave and I was very proud of him and glad to be with him. Yeah Hubby!!!!