Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I had a great opportunity to have I took it in the form of Freeganism. I got free stuff...From where you may say?? The dumpsters in back of stores right after they had closed for the night and dumped all the stuff they couldn't shelve. I know...It sounded gross to me at first, but it was really fun and I got all sorts of free stuff. Like this milk that is not due until the 10th of March. Bread-which I don't eat. Big Baking trays that I am finding all sorts of uses for. I have about 150+ so if you would like some they are on the front porch...please help yourself to as many as you want. Don't let them go into the landfills!!

Here are some of my partners in Crime--It's not really illegal though so I guess they are just my partners in Fun!!!Please give me free stuff for my family!!

Not so sure she wants to go..... too bad we already went and we had fun!!


Ashleigh said...

OK, rule 1: When posting pictures of Ashleigh, they must be somewhat flattering. At least a shot where she is looking at the camera and smiling, that would be nice.
Thank you very much. ;-)

Simplymom said...

You guys are CRAZY!!!!!! I'm glad it was fun, I may have to come steal some baking sheets if they are still on your porch!!!! Do you want to swap babysitting this weekend? I can watch your kids Fri night, if you can watch mine Sat.