Monday, April 28, 2008


On Saturday my sweet sister-in-law called me , crying, and said that she hurt her back and could hardly walk. This was a problem because she is a ballet/Jazz teacher and is also very pregnant. She had a recital that night, and had to watch her two kids as well. Very overwhelmed oh, and did I mention her husband is in the military and gone?? Needless to say, I went right over (after I went to work) and tried to help alleviate some stress and discomfort. Lucky for me I got to go to the recital and take some really cute pictures. Her daughter is in the class she teaches and is a very sweet little thing...most of the time... as we all are.

Anyone recognize this girl?? I went to high school with her. Alison Snow! Now Waltman. She is on the competitive clogging team and is quite good.

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