Friday, June 13, 2008

#1 girl got baptized !!

I got the opportunity to take my daughter to the temple on the morning of her baptism and take several pictures of her with brides in the background. They turned out beautiful. She is beautiful. It was a great day and we are all so happy for her in making such an important decision right now in her life.


Simplymom said...

Tell her congratulations from us! I can't believe they are getting so big, time moves way too fast. She'll be that bride before you know it!!!!

Audra said...


That picture with the bride in the background is beautiful. WHAT A MOMENT! Amazing and oh so, telling. Look at what your future holds.

It is hard to imagine your oldest growing up, but baptism is one of those milestones. My oldest turns 12 next June - he will pass the sacrament. SCARY. They grown up fast.