Monday, June 23, 2008

Fear and love

I want to talk of the two most powerful things in my life. One is fear, the other love.
Fear because it keeps me from who I am. It stops me in my tracks and grips me so tight that I can't move at times. I see it in my children when they do something new or differently than I taught them to. It can kill, it can take, it can hurt. Fear is the reason we are at war. Fear is the reason we scream when we are alone and in the dark...
Love is the opposite. Love is the light. Love helps me find out who I am . It helps me embrace each new day with excitement and hope. Love holds me tight and then helps me find my path, even in dark times. Love is a good friend, a neighbor, a sister, a child. Love holds so much for us. It helps us find what we didn't even know we were missing to make our lives better. Love is the warm glow of the sun, the water all around us. It nourishes and strengthens as it enters our lives. Love is the answer to everything.
Today I want to love more and fear less. I want to take the chances I wouldn't have yesterday. I want to be hopeful, happy and full of the warm light of the sun. I want you to know that I love you.

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Motley Family said...

Very true! I feel the same at times.