Sunday, October 5, 2008

During conference

Today during conference we had the opportunity to teach our exchange student how the church works. It was a great experience to think about how much I have gained and learned from being a member of the church. By listening to the speakers I gained a lot of insight on how much the pioneers suffered, how we all have personal experience to help us when we are in need, the comfort our Heavenly Father gives us through the holy Ghost, how to enjoy every moment, how to treat our loved ones here in the home, and how our examples can change other people's lives for good.

I always need a small reminder right about this time of year... amazing how that works..and I am so glad for the fun we have wrestling with the kids to try and get them to listen. This year we used color pages, puzzles and quiet books for the kids. I baked in between and during some of the sessions so that we could keep our mouths full and quiet while we listened. We still couldn't hear all of the sessions because of the kids, but we mostly were happy and we mostly heard. I think you always hear what you need to matter what.

So, in beween sessions this is what my children are like...

They are so funny! All giggles and crazies. I guess I could get mad or I could just smile.....

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The Only Girl said...

Ahh conference. Last year I was so prepared and things went so well. This year I wasn't and we ended up kicking the kids out and watching it by ourselves. I admit I'm feeling a bit guilty about it. Oh well I'll try to prepare better for next time.