Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is it any wonder??..??

Ok, So today I come home from work and there is something floating in the fish tank...Can you guess what it is and...Can you guess who put it there??
Is it any wonder that some of our fish have not survived?? LOL!!


Audra said...

OK. Call me dumb, but I can't firgure out what is floating in the tank. Tell me the secret - what are your fish dieing of.

Anonymous said...

Is it the little Star War's toy from Mcdonalds??? and hummmm let me guess who put it there.... must be a three year old!!!! Lots of fun!

The girl who took out gluten said...

Audra, You don't go to Mcdonalds enough! LOL!! Yes Denise it is the Happy meal star wars toy and yes my 3 year old put it in there...poor fishies!!