Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweetie, honey, baby...

These are the words you would hear if you were having any sort of conversation with my sweet friend Anna. Her death was so unexpected for me and I am still spinning from it. I am sure if there is a just and merciful God (and I am sure there is) that she is in a happy place. That she is talking to other people in her same sweet voice that I am now missing. I love you Anna ....Farewell..... until we meet again.


Motley Family said...

Sorry for your loss. I know I am no longer in Caldwell but if you need anything let me know.

Anonymous said...

I do not claim to be an official on the matter, but it seems to me that heaven is a place created for people like Anna. There wasn't a selfish bone in her body and there was no one more giving. Jonathon get's her hugs to hear the "sweetie, Baby and Honey" now which makes me jealous. I know they're together now and happy together. Here's the entry I left for her in the online guest book

"I love you Anna K Peters! I know your beautiful light has gone on to brighten another part of the universe, but I reserve the right to MISS YOU! I remember our ridiculous adventures and laugh. I am sad you are gone but know that you are free and I bet you and Jonathon are having a grand time out there catching up. I send you an eternity of hugs because you loved them so much! I will miss your hugs and snuggles and know someday down the road I will feel them again. I feel you close when I hear your maniacal laughter in my memories and it makes me smile. When I look up at the stars, I know there will be one that is especially sparkly. It will twinkle with laughter and love and i will know it is you. You were precious to everyone because I'm not sure ANYONE has ever experienced the type of generosity and love you were capable of giving, even on a bad day. I love you Anna K! My heart breaks without you here, but I know you are feeling unimaginable joy wherever you are... Tell heaven hello and that i am jealous of them for having you when I can't. Above all, remember to talk like a pirate on Sept 22. I cannot emphasize this enough! ;^)"