Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey it is date night.

Well, on Friday nights at our house it has always been date night. Lately we have been trying to be extra creative in our dates instead of going to dinner and a movie all the time. Last week we played frisbee and went out for GF Pizza at Chicago Connection. YUM. Tonight is my turn to plan the date. I am going to do things that I enjoy and want to share. I hope he likes underwater basket weaving and boxing!!! J/K!! More info to come...Can't spoil the surprise....

Also, My friends. Don't forget how much fun we will have at women's Conference. This picture is so funny and happy I love it. This is Ash and Julie and Anna playing in the dorms before we went to sleep. So Funny!!!!! Go sign up!

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Ashleigh said...

WAAAAAA!!!! I am sooo sad! I want to go so bad, but little girl isn't going to be weaned! We so have to plan a girl get together this year after the summer. I want to see you! Im not sure if hawaii is still in the pic for us..are you still planning it?