Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life as I know it...

This week has been full of painting and making things look cute here in the manufactured home (sounds better than Mobile home). The kids got to spend spring break with their dad so I had plenty of time. He took them to Island Park to a time share his parents own. I think they had a good time. They stayed with me for a night when they got back and we looked at pictures of all the adventures. I am sure that thier dad has them on his facebook page if you want you want to look at them. I have been painting things green and white and brown. #1 Girl helped paint in the front room while she was here. She is so cute. She is a very good helper and always tries to do the right thing....except to her brothers... we are working on that one and will be for a while I am sure. #1 boy has been working at doing better in school. It is a constant struggle for him to respect peoples personal space... The baby boy is not such a baby anymore. He has his own mind and works hard to let you know what he wants. The language skills are coming, but it will take some time. Potty training is going well for him and he likes to stand up and pee.... so funny and a little messy.. I will deal with the mess and I am proud of him for finally trying to be a bigger boy. Life still goes on for me. There are struggles and some days are really a challenge, but life is good for the most part and I am really loving the ward out here.

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