Monday, August 26, 2013

School school.. school is cool!!

OK.... school is starting in the morning, for the kids. It started for me and my sweetheart TODAY! We both were at BSU at opposite times. I was there from 12-2pm and he went in from 5-9pm. I also taught 2 Zumba classes this morning, went and got my hair done at 4pm, took the "twins" to the mall for last minute school shopping, took the little guy on a date to Sonic and am finally able to blog. I am so tired.  SO. TIRED. did I mention that my little baby dog woke up at 4am to bark and bark and bark until finally I got up to find him soaked in his own urine and when I let him out, I stayed up to clean out his kennel? There was that. I love my baby dog, but I wanted sleep so badly. Good thing he is so cute.
     This week is going to be awesome... and by awesome, I mean busy! I have to get six kids to five different schools in the morning, before 8:45am. Lucky for me, my bonus kids can catch the bus right in front of our house.

and now I am off to sleep.

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