Friday, December 14, 2007

And now for something completely different...not really

OK, so if you are feeling left out by my last blog because I don't know you...Here is your blog for the day. Tonight I get to go out with my husband to a company party. It used to scare me to go anywhere because I was never sure what was in the food, so I would eat before I went and I would sip soda all night with no color in it.... boring!! Well, I am excited to go and I know exactly what I am eating because I have gone for so many years now and it is pretty much the same food. They serve salmon or steak and sometimes they have a pasta dish. I love the salmon and I love the steak, but I have learned to order the salmon because I sleep better at night. weird huh? So, when going to company parties year after year, pay attention and hopefully they will keep the menu relatively the same. We now get invites with our meal choices on them. How nice. I love going and am super excited. Just think, when you are nervous flip that coin, and on the other side is excitement!! Have a great day!!!

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