Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Time to return to me...

Okay, so if you read those last few blogs you should know that it is a cycle with me and now I am at the end. HOORAY!! I can return to my normal self and continue on the happy road to cooking and baking and being a good mom. I am glad I wrote it down because I can see how I was feeling in my blogs. Now I can write on the happy side of me. I sound so schizophrenic!! Depression is one of the many side effects of having Celiac disease.
Well I have just started a supplement called empower plus. It is a bunch of Vitamins and minerals that work really well for me so far. Mind you it has only been one day and I am only taking two in the morning instead of the recommended eight (four in the morning and four at night) , but I am feeling normal...a little tired from staying up last night.... but pretty normal. I woke up with a cold and it has pretty much gone away too. Yeah yeah yeah!!
The kids go to school on Thursday. I am counting the days. Not that I don't love my children, but they do so much better when they have school to point them in a strong educational direction. #1 boy is doing good at home, but #1 girl is kind of climbing the walls. #2 boy is having a good time bossing us all around in a language no-one, but he understands. It is cute until he really wants to drive his point home and gets up in your face about it. I love them all for such different reasons. Well, happiest of New Years to you. I hope this year will be the year you will be happy and surrounded by love and friends.

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