Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another snowy day....again...

Well everything has calmed down on the prairie...except the snow. We are getting big snow drifts and a lot of snow. The boys are out playing in it, but I got too cold to continue. I shoveled some of the walks, but it covered it right back up with snow, as soon as I was done with one part I'd have to redo it. Fruitless efforts.

Sounds like a good day for cleaning and cooking some good food.

Here's a self portrait I took the other day. You can kind of see my different colored eyes...one blue ...one green.

1 comment:

Audra said...

Love the self portrait. Nice camera.

Have fun in the snow. I am enjoying my weather, but sometimes miss seasons. I really miss seasons in the fall! BUT YOUR SNOW LOOKS FUN IN PICTURES! (I like looking, no shoveling)