Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vitamins are here and the sky is blue.

OK... I just had to throw something up on my blog...Bluhhhhaa...There you go. J/K

So, I just walked into the bathroom where my baby boy was in the shower screaming..... and realized he had put a lot of shampoo in his eyes and was rubbing it trying to get rid of it..only making it worse... after my shock and horror, I ran to the rescue and helped him get the shampoo out faster than any super hero could. I am now fine, he is now fine, and he is happily sitting watching star wars#4. (The first real one in my opinion.) Wow, that was scary.

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Simplymom said...

Where are you???? Is everything okay???? Are you in the dark, yucky place right now???? I'm worried about you and thinking about you. Call me if I can do anything!!!!!