Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So much potential!!!

Look at this desk! My mom gave it to me because she was going to give it the DI and I asked her to please bring it to me and I am so blown away with the potential it has!! It is going to be gorgeous!!

I have been rearranging and cleaning this week. Look at my front room now. I absolutely love it, and I am grateful to my friend Wendy for the wall painting idea and the mirror idea. She is such a great helper with ideas!!I went to graples and bought me a clock and it is huge, but I put it all alone on the wall behind my couch and it is perfect!! Happy Decorating and happy spring!!


The Only Girl said...

So Freakin' Cute!!!! I love it!!!

Hanging out with the Riley's said...

Its totally cute!! Love the paint on the walls. Its so fun to decorate. Anna said she loves her class you two are going to each tues. I think I will try to take it when she has another one after June. Love the Pics

Motley Family said...

Beautiful house! We should get together sometime. By the way I tagged you...Go to my blog to get the details! Have Fun!

Jenni said...

Definitely a lot of potential in that desk.... what are you thinking ..... how fun.

I like how you rearranged your living room. It looks really good. Want to come help me?????? hehe I don't think there is enough help out there for me ..... :)