Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Karate Kids...

My kids take Karate and it is so fun. They are learning discipline and how to listen to thier teachers... Want to see??

It is so funny to me that the kids like this class so much. I tried to put my daughter in Dance and it was a miserable failure...but she loves Karate so much and is getting a little more self confidence too. That is a big plus for her and me.

On Monday I went to the park with some buddies of mine (and buddies of the kids) and it was so much fun!! I told them I would blog this, and so I had better do that.... So much fun Hanging out with ya!! Thanx, I needed to get out with friends..;)

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Jen Norton said...

I'm so proud of you my friend. Way to be social! You need that. And from all that I can tell you picked one of my favorite people to be social with. Keep trucking...your old neighbor in slc..jen