Monday, September 29, 2008


Yes, A long time ago I went to homecoming..... I wore a green dress that was too big because I had only finished sewing it the night before, and went with a guy I liked as a friend, and I got a pretty flower, and we ran home to change and went to do something fun instead... Why am I telling you this??

Well, Pierre went to homecomming on Saturday with another exchange student from France (she asked him) and we shopped for the perfect outfit. We bought the perfect flowers. We even took the perfect pictures... and then they skipped the dance...completely... and went to boondocks instead!

LOL I laughed so hard. I should have thought of that when I was younger...


Anna N Goose said...

That is AWESOME! So funny, go Pierre!

Anonymous said...

Ah, good old Homecoming. The glory days. We always did that too... went to the dance for five minutes and then left to do something fun.