Friday, September 19, 2008

New computer

We just got a new computer and it is really nice. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures on it yet... So here is the picture you get to see....Pretty..... I love this new computer, but I am still getting to know it better. It has a lot more functionality than our last one. The last one had to be shut down manually every time, and that caused some problems when wanting to start up again. Eventually it just got too full between Shawn's music and my Photos, so we had to upgrade. However we will still use our old computer for fun things like games for the kids, and a back up place - for if someone is using the me!!
I am going to the women's celebration fair today with Julie!!! I am so excited!! Yea for me!

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Jenni said...

Very Exciting! I am wishing we had two computers. Now that Roger is home I have to share again.