Saturday, November 1, 2008


I really love Holidays and when Halloween comes I am overjoyed and overstressed. I realize at this point how unprepared I am for the rest of the holidays coming soon. Christmas is now right around the corner and Thanksgiving is in a few weeks!! To my great delight I get to have every holiday at my house. That makes it easy to be on time. The only downside is that I have to clean and cook at the same time. I enjoy so much having family over so that makes up for the double time in the kitchen. I am so happy the holidays have begun!!

We had a good party last night. Lots of people came and the house was crowded. Sorry that the Wii was on...I had no idea!! Too much going on.... ;)

Thanks Dr Phill for coming and supporting this function. LOL SO funny!!


hallie said...

I was hoping to see some Halloween pictures. I love these. Who was Dr. Phill? and do you want me to help you find some zumba music?
Wish i could have come to your party!

Amy Boyack said...

Is that really Dr. Phil? How did you get him to come?

Palmer family said...

What a FUN party! Thanks for inviting us. We all had a fabulous time!

The girl who took out gluten said...

Just so you all know... That is not really Dr. Phill. It's Andrew Baughn!! He was so funny!!