Monday, November 18, 2013

Life, one day at a time...

So my clothes were wet today as I drove to class because the dryer hadn't finished, and I do not like to be late for class, especially when I am the one teaching. By about song two, they dryed and the sweat began, so then they were wet again. It seems I can't stay dry today... Because from that class I went to teach Zumba/strength at a different club... sweaty again! Now I am blogging in soppy clothes. Oh well, I can remedy that when I finish this entry.
     School is wrapping up for the Thanksgiving holiday and I am excited for the break. I took a week off teaching, so I may jump into some strength classes of someone elses for the holidays. It would be nice to be in the back row!! ;) I also want to start cycling with my husband now that I am stronger. I always have liked cycling, but my endurance wasn't what it is now and I never made my goals which was always upsetting. He doesn't like classes, so we will probably do the cycling on our own.
     This has been such a busy month already and my blogging has suffered, but I will tell you why... I have moved to a new club, everything is in place and the new classes start December 2nd. I am thrilled to be making the change. I will still teach three classes a week in the morning at ten am, but it will be at Body & Soul fitness on Ustick and Cole. I am hoping that I can teach more as time demands. I still teach monday mornings at Axiom and T/Th evenings at the YMCA. I was loving training for Bodyattack, but my leg started acting up and I had to tone it down. Boot camp is entering its last week and I am a little afraid to not keep up my momentum as I enter the holiday food season. I love to eat , but I love working out too... Finals are December 13th and then next semester will start in January. I have a big chunk of time where I can get my house back to clean and orderly!! yay!

I'm just blabbering, but Im getting cold, so off I go!!

Happy Monday!

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