Saturday, November 23, 2013

SO many reasons I love my husband.... here are my top 20!

  • My sweetheart is one of most thoughtful people that I know.
  •  He is kind to those he loves almost to a fault.
  •  He is a great chef, he can make any ingredients into a wonderful dish that makes you lick your plate clean.
  •  He serves people, everyone he can.
  •  He works really hard and loves his job.
  •  He is funny, so funny! I laugh with him daily.
  •  He is honest and always expects honesty from others.
  • He doesn't ever yell...ever.
  •  He will always try to see your side of things, especially if he doesn't agree with you.
  •  He is handsome and used to have a fan club in high school (he is still embarrassed about it).
  • He is very strong without even trying.
  • He is modest about his many achievements, and there are too many to count.
  •  He is 100 percent devoted to me and our children.
  •  He is kind to his ex-wife and her husband.
  • He loves animals-so we have 2 dogs and a kitten and over 50 fish.
  •  He snuggles like a champ, especially that snugly kitten.
  • He is warm, both in body temperature and spirit. Everyone who meets him, likes him.
  •  He is spontaneous and loves to just get up and take a drive to nowhere.
  • He has an amazing voice- even though he thinks he can't sing.
  • He will always open my door for me, and others.

So, here are the top 20 reasons that I love my sweetheart. I don't tell him enough that he means everything to me, but he does!

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