Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas is coming!!!

There are so many fun traditions at Christmas time. Clam dip, egg nog, and peppermint... yes foods are traditional. And I love driving in the snow! Hanging lights and decorating the tree are such great memory joggers. I always feel a nostalgia when Christmas time comes. A longing to be small again and feel the magic wonder of Christmas. I sometimes can breathe deep and catch a snowflake as I walk through the parking lot of a grocery store to pick up my favorite Christmas snack (there are so many fun snacks for Christmas) or I can watch the tree with all the lights on it in complete darkness, snuggled in a blanket with.. yes hot chocolate another favorite snack! We always watch "ELF" at Christmas time and we play carols on the piano while everyone sings. This is truly a beautiful and connecting time of year.

      This year we are making presents, long boards to be exact. Everyone is getting one, even me! I am so excited and even though we can't ride them until the snow clears, I am going to practice in the garage until it's warmer.  Sean is cutting out the wood and I am painting some of them (in a house full of artists, their work is better than mine) and sanding them all. I am thinking this will be an amazing Christmas! It's always better to do something for people than just shopping for them, in my opinion. Also at 300 bucks a pop from Zumies...times nine, equals no thank you!

      If you need an idea for recycling white shirts, here ya go! I love this idea, but I have no babies or white shirts... lol...

I hope your skies are blue as blue can be!!  Much love to you all..

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