Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yoga moves the mind, body and spirit..and makes me fall down.

Yesterday I missed doing my blog and this is why....I was at my sisters house in WILDER. Wilder than what? Any who... while I was in wilder I tried some Yoga. I said tried.... I did succeed at one point, but that is not on the video. Funnier than heck I say!! Only because I am now officially from Idaho. You gotta watch this video....
Today I am covered in a rash. I am talkin' neck to toes and very itchy!! I am not sure what I ate, but I did go to McDonald's last night for 1/2 price happy meals with the kids. I ordered a bun less cheeseburger and fries and a root beer. My body is not happy with me. Very itchy.!..!
I hope it will go away soon. I have practice at 11 for a class that I will teach at the Y and I can't miss it. I guess I will just look like a dork...What's new?Hee Hee!!

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what its all about said...

That was awesome! I really think NBC should start a reality show of your family, they could call it "The Crazy Potatoes". I am SURE it would be a hit!