Sunday, December 2, 2007


In our house, as I am sure in a lot of homes, Sunday is a special day. We go to church for three hours of the day and have other religious obligations and things of this nature. So as laid back as it is and with all the time taken up by study, prayer, and family time... Cooking takes a back seat to us. It is crock pot day!! At 9am this morning I put some meat in crock pot and let it cook until 5pm. Some people put a lot of liquid in the crock pot, but I just put in the meat-usually frozen-and let it go. It's perfect every time! It was delicious and I didn't have to worry about what to fix for dinner, it was already fixed. I do love mashed potatoes so I boiled some without even washing them, peeled the skin off, added tons of butter, salt and milk and enjoyed myself. Ooh, how I love Sunday!!
I teach kids at church to sing songs-that is my job, or calling as we say, and I promise it is the best calling ever!! They are so funny. We played a game with a big cardboard block... you throw it and on the top it will tell you how to sing the song...slow, fast soft loud etc..Everything was going fine until we started to come to an end and one of the three year olds didn't get a turn. She started to cry and her whole face turned red and blotchy, so I caved and told her she could come up and roll the cube... well then everyone started to fuss. I was going to tell them that they could all come up and roll the cube, but then I thought about it and that's like, seventy kids and we had to move on, so instead I told them that we would play the same game next week and to remember if they didn't have a turn so they could have one. Spiritual?? Probably not, but it worked today!

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