Friday, September 26, 2008

To My dear friends...

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and ideas on helping my children. I am more at peace today and I sent two of them off to school with out a hitch (yes, there usually is a hitch).

I mostly have problems with my oldest boy. He tends to get in trouble and not care. Part of it is his maturity level and part of it is that he is so dear to me that I have a hard time believing that he is capable of such things as biting, hitting, throwing tantrums in class and getting in trouble daily on the bus. He is not allowed to ride the bus now, and I found out yesterday that it was because he bit another child on the leg.... and left a bruise. YIKES!! I can not imagine how the mom of the other child feels right now. She is probably driving her child to school too. I would.

That is why I freaked out and started thinking of WHY??? So, thank you, I will do somethings differently and keep some things the same. It is nice to know that I have such awesome friends, who are incredible moms, and give great advise, and think I am great too!!


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