Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family fun!!

So, my sister had a birthday and we all have to have a party as often as possible.....We always have such a good time. Last night we watched some YouTube of people doing Zumba (I know it should be on the other blog) and it was so funny!! Randy even said it looked fun, but he is a good dancer, so it should look fun. My Mom and Dad are even going to start doing Zumba... Any way...We had a good party and I got my sis this really cute purse and she hated it!! So, I got a new Purse for her birthday..LOL!! It was full of all sorts of candy that she did keep.. Crazy huh?

She is now officially on the DO NOT BUY HER PRESENTS List!!! ;) Love you Lizzy!!! (but you are on the list still)


Jenni said...

Nice picture of Julie! LOL!

Amy Boyack said...

Julie looks so attractive! Only she could pull off a look like that and still be cute. We did have a good time, didn't we?