Friday, November 30, 2007

Super happy Christmas!!!

Well, if you know me, you know that I love to take pictures. (New info if you don't know me.) Yesterday a package arrived at our house and I called my sweetie to see if it was something I could open. He told me it was my Christmas present, and the man cannot keep a secret, so this meant it was a digital camcorder . He told me if I wanted to use it now that it was fine with him!!! AWESOME!! I just have to wrap up the box and put it under the tree so I remember that he did get me something for Christmas. I had a few errands to run - sick kids medicine and the like-and then I got it's so tiny, like a baby camcorder, I've never seen anything so small that can record nice pictures. I can hold it in my hand and wrap my fingers almost all the way around it. Ooh cute!! Well, we used it all day and recorded some pretty dumb stuff, but it was so fun. Thank You Sweetie pie!! I love you!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, What a great early present. I'm jealous. Have fun making lots of memories.

Audra said...

Great hubbie and great gift! Lucky girl!