Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SO much fun with fish!!

We have a new fish tank, and in spite of my little guy, the fish are happy and well. (He has already overfed them and stuck toys in the tank, but they have carried on...) One of them is pregnant. I hope we have babies!!

Pierre named the pregnant one Bobby. He said he wants to name the babies Bobby Jr or Maurice... Funny kid. He got asked to homecoming and is happy to go. We spent all afternoon yesterday shopping. He will look so nice at the dance. He has never been to an american High School dance and said he doesn't know how to dance, but he is practicing and it is very cute!! Last night he was snapping his fingers and spinning around like Michael Funny.

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The Only Girl said...

Are you ever going to call me back? Hello!!!! I like you fish tank. It's beeeeutiful.